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We rarely deal directly with arrays in Go: instead, we tend to work with them by using slices.

In Go, an array is a fixed length, ordered collection of values of the same type stored in contiguous memory locations.The number of elements is the array’s length and it is never negative. The length of the array must always evaluate to a non-negative constant that can be represented as a value of the int data type.

In Go unlike in other imperative languages the size of the array is part of its type, which in part limits its expressive power …

You should have a registered Udemy account and have atleast a course or two that you have paid for.

I have just found an easier way to download all of your Udemy courses, and I figured it would be great to just share it here with those of you who have tried a bunch of alternatives but in vain. Just so you know udemy-dl didn’t work out for me.

udemy-dl in action

Since I did not have much time I decided to use the good old youtube-dl. So I installed youtube-dl version 2019.01.17. You should install it too.

If you have youtube-dl previously…

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