How to download your Udemy courses for offline use.

You should have a registered Udemy account and have atleast a course or two that you have paid for.

I have just found an easier way to download all of your Udemy courses, and I figured it would be great to just share it here with those of you who have tried a bunch of alternatives but in vain. Just so you know udemy-dl didn’t work out for me.

udemy-dl in action

Since I did not have much time I decided to use the good old youtube-dl. So I installed youtube-dl version 2019.01.17. You should install it too.

If you have youtube-dl previously installed be sure to upgrade it to match the version above.Older versions didn’t seem to work as expected

You will also need a chrome extension to extract your login cookies for use with youtube-dl. So go ahead and install editthiscookie in your browser, just look it up in your chrome store.

After you have setup everything youtubedl + editthiscookie, you will have to login to your udemy course and head over to your course. Note the link to that course, you will pass it to youtube-dl later. For the cookies click on the editthiscookie icon and click on the options icon to configure the export format of the cookies. Youtube-dl internally uses the netscape cookie file format. Ensure that you set Netscape HTTP Cookie File as your preferred export format.

editthiscookie options

Head over to your logged in tab and export the cookies using the extension.

Paste the copied content inside a .txt file and name it whatever you wish. To download your courses using youtube-dl is now as simple as this.

Youtube-dl will authenticate as you and start downloading the courses from the given link.

Downloading Udemy courses from your udemy account

I hope this helped someone out there. If so why don’t you give the man a clap or two :-)